Robyn White Photography

From an early age I decided to document/annoy anyone I came into contact with, armed with my 110 mm camera. My interest in photography developed into a steady hobby and ultimately graduated to an obsession in 2006. My outlook on photography has become a larger life metaphor, causing me to view things differently from how they're typically first perceived. The art of Robyn White Photography is essentially a living representation of how sometimes the greatest beauty is born from disaster. I invite you to learn more about my background and what continues to inspire me as a photographer.
For the first 19 years of my life, I lived outside of New Orleans, LA in St. Bernard parish. In August of 2005, Hurricane Katrina completely devastated my hometown and left my family and I homeless. The damage that Katrina left was—and still is--insurmountable to many. Unsure of what to do next, I sought change and did something I had never done before, yet felt completely natural to me. Through the generosity of many friends in the Hattiesburg community, I was able to study abroad as a part of the University of Southern Mississippi’s L’Abbaye du Pontlevoy semester in France. It was surreal to see—first-handedly-- things like the Eiffel Tower and Monet’s gardens in Giverny. Going to Europe had always been a dream of mine but it resided in the ‘one day, maybe’ section of my mind, often at odds with the mundane yet necessary demands of everyday life. Living in France for that semester awakened my soul and the natural beauty I was surrounded by was something I sought to capture in every way possible, mainly through my writing and photography. Having my camera glued to my eyes that semester allowed every photograph that I took to be one intimately made with awestruck and almost unbelieving eyes—a unique perspective for travel photography.
My portfolio grew extensively when I was again bit by the travel bug and decided to spend a semester studying in Sydney, Australia. Island hopping in the Great Barrier Reef and discovering Melbourne’s incredible graffiti had me once again glued to my camera trying to make a tangible memory of what I was seeing. Once I returned home in December of 2008, I sat with my images and realized that these incredible places I had been lucky enough to see could all be inspiring people the way they inspired me—but only if they left their homes in my photo albums. In February of 2008, I created my business, photography by Robyn White, and it has grown substantially over time to become what it is now. While it is still very much in its developmental stages, it is truly the job that makes me happiest-- what I live to do. I have tried to market my artwork in a way that appeals to and is attainable for all kinds of art lovers. I am so excited to share images from our great, big world that I have been lucky enough to photograph. I hope you enjoy this site and that it inspires you to make those ‘one day, maybe’ dreams your reality.